adam’s straw hat is falling apart and someone got Lieutenant Worf before me this morning

Adam has had this straw hat since Halloween (he dressed up as a farmer) and loves it, he and I found it at the costume shop in lower Queen Anne where Denny Way turns into Elliott Avenue. The hat has been to school numerous times and been crushed by more than one butt and received lots of UV-unraveling exposure. The fabric border around the edges came undone and now the hat is falling apart. He was pretty disappointed about it this morning.

This is Adam tidepooling at Alki a couple weeks ago during a minus tide. We found an abandoned pipe with lots of starfish clinging to it and stopped to chat with a man who was finding artifacts from the old Luna Park with his metal detector.

adam tidepooling in his favorite hat

It’s 99 cent toys at Goodwill this week and the Dearborn store (underneath the Jose Rizal Bridge) has a few hundred square feet of booty. I spent about an hour picking out an armload of books for Adam before I headed to the special sale room (elegantly cordoned off from the warehouse with bedsheets). I found a half dozen action figures, including a very articulated 12-inch high Batman. I’m not a huge fan of Batman, but that was a pretty good find.  Then, just as I was leaving I spotted a 1994 Star Trek Next Generation Lieutenant  Worf still in his original packaging. The moment I spotted him, an old lady with a frizzy perm swooped in and got him, along with about ten other Star Trek action figures. She turned and handed them over to a twentysomething guy covered in tattoos from his neck to his wrist sleeves. I was momentarily crushed and dazed, it happened very fast.

But believe it or not, I have Captain Kirk! Inexplicably, in her haste she left him laying in the bottom of the bin. She was clearly a professional shopper, they browse very efficiently and methodically in their strange way, I can spot them a mile away.  They take the fun out of thrifting, especially the toy hawkers. I know I should be pretty happy with a William Shatner action figure. Captain Kirk will look great alongside my Jean-Luc Picard.

3 thoughts on “adam’s straw hat is falling apart and someone got Lieutenant Worf before me this morning

  1. I didn’t like the default size on portrait orientation on the blog, so I went into the advanced settings on the photo (click on it in the post editor, at the top there should be some icon that looks like a pixelated mountain. click on that and click advanced) and set it to 300×500 pixels. Seems to fit the page much better!

    Sorry to hear about Worf. How will you survive?

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