lance crosses Rocky Brook Creek

Last winter one weekend I day-tripped to the Olympic Peninsula with Ken, Kelsie and Lance to hike along the Duckabush River. On the way home we stopped to take a look at Rocky Brook Falls, where Lance and Kelsie proved their mettle with a slippery creek crossing. They were rewarded with a nice vantage from which to shoot the falls. I didn’t bother even attempting to cross, I was too chilled from the hike along the Duckabush.

Lance made it back without slipping, though he had a momentary close call, plunging his hand into the creek for balance.

3 thoughts on “lance crosses Rocky Brook Creek

  1. Yes, I did! Although to be honest, those pictures mostly look like he’s groping around for something in the water, haha. No spectacular off-balance twirls or looks-of-terror on his face, he was well in control of his fate.

  2. This is a cool photo! Lance and Kelsie are real troopers – I think I would’ve been too wimpy to get into the cold water!

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