adam and i hike to Lake Dorothy

Adam and I walked up to Lake Dorothy today. Calling it a hike is being generous, we only covered three miles of ground and gained nearly 900 feet of elevation. But I’m calling it a hike because it was such a pain in the butt getting there in the first place. For starters, I had tummy trouble in the night probably because of the plum-peach-nectarine pie I ate 24 hours ago. Someone brought dessert over last night and it was very good but amazingly fruity and I think my colon sent in the Ghostbusters. By morning I was better but felt like I’d been up all night studying for final exams. Then, five minutes after Diana left the house to go to work I discovered the piggyback carrier was still in the trunk of her car. So we were forced to detour downtown. Not a huge deal in the scheme of things since it’s only 10-12 minutes there from our house, but psychologically it was a blow because it was one of those days I was in the mood to map everything out in five minute increments.

Third, there was the four-car-fender-bender (not involving us, thankfully) on the 520 floating bridge and so we had to drive 2 MPH for 20 minutes while the WSDOT Incident Response Team used two of its bull trucks to push a couple cars off the bridge. Adam had a grand old time because I made a huge production out of trying to guess how the fender bender transpired (we were only a quarter mile behind the procession of flashing lights and broken vehicles) but if you did a brain-o-gram on me, all it would have registered were swear words in phosphorescent red.

Then I miss the exit I’m supposed to take, because I’m driving the back way to be sly and it can be confusing sometimes. And so we’re driving the heck out yonder to recover lost ground. By this time, Adam is aware I’m frustrated. I’m holding it together, barely. But I’m also lecturing to him about Charlie Brown, and how CB can’t get a flippin’ break. The clincher? After two hours of mix-ups, we arrive in the middle of nowhere a quarter mile from gravel road’s end (nine miles) to find three sandwich boards blocking us, announcing this area closed to public access from July 18th to July 20th due to improvements being made to the trailhead (among other things, it looked like a pit toilet was being added, which is all too ironic). It’s possible the f-word was muttered about twenty times.

I’m too tired to interestingly segue to the happy ending so I’ll say simply we decided the USFS could screw itself and we tied on our hiking boots and had ourselves a lovely afternoon gosh darn it. I carried Adam to the lake but he walked down under his own power. Time flies when we go to the woods together. Somehow, we spent four hours at the lake. I’ve gone over and over the math in my head and I don’t know where the time went. It went somewhere good! We played follow the leader a lot at the lake’s outlet, over the enormous logjam. On the way down, Adam was patient and let me do some long exposures of Camp Robber Creek.

The entire way down, we kept a running dialogue with each other and our alter egos. Adam was Sergeant Mushroom (Sergeant Mushroom is really bossy and always has to be in the lead). I was Slug Boy (an unfit dullard who can’t keep up and doesn’t know the names of the plants he eats).

I’ll post more pictures tomorrow……

6 thoughts on “adam and i hike to Lake Dorothy

  1. In my opinion, anything over a mile that takes place off sidewalks/asphalt is a hike. I was chatting with some people at my art show the other day. They were asking me for hike recommendations. I inquired regarding how far they wanted to go. Their response “Nothing over two miles.” 🙂

    Sounds like your problematic outing turned into a really nice day.

  2. Did you ask Adam to smile for the picture? Looks like he’s cheesing you. Hahaha! I didn’t realize you were still using the piggyback carrier. Is it the same one, or did you have to upgrade to a bigger-kid model?

    This sounds like a fun, random day. Hope you relaxed a bit on the trail after your adventures in arriving there!

  3. Despite the trouble actually getting there you captured this shot of Adam which had to make it all worth it! Man, I can’t get over how big he is getting… I can’t stop laughing about Sergeant Mushroom and Slug Boy!

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