a chipmunk tries to drag Jack’s juice box away

My sister Tonni Renee and her son Jack are visiting this week. Adam loves Jack. On our way to the airport to pick up Aunt Tonni and Jack, he told me “Papa, I’m excited because I love Jack Dipple!”  Last night on our way home from playing in the water at the International Fountain (the big fountain below the Needle) he blurted out “Jack Dipple, I love you!” Jack really is a great boy. He’s nine years old. To Adam, most of the time he’s not just Jack. He’s Jack Dipple. Jack takes the adoration in stride.

Adam and I took Aunt Tonni and Jack to Mt. Rainier National Park this afternoon for a hike to the Mt. Fremont Fire Lookout. While we were resting and snacking on a perch above the fire lookout, a chipmunk began dragging Jack’s juicebox away! It had advanced three feet with juicebox in tow before Jack yelled at it. I told Jack no one at home would believe him. How could a chipmunk drag your juicebox away? When I try to imagine it now all I can think of is a chipmunk in a hardhat, driving a wheel-loader.

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