we take Jack Dipple and Adam swimming at Madrona Beach while the Blue Angels fill the sky with thunder and screeching

At lunchtime, we took the boys swimming at Madrona Park on Lake Washington. I even got in the water. I dog-paddled out to the floating dock a few times. On the swim back I panicked when I swam into a bed of seaweed. Adam and Jack didn’t really care about the roaring Blue Angels, they had a good time splashing in the water and digging in the sand. An ice cream truck arrived as we were leaving, Jack got a fudge bar and Adam chose a Spider Man popsicle.

I took Jack kayaking tonight on Lake Union (and down the Ship Canal). Overall I think he enjoyed it, but after we paddled past Aunt Diana, Adam and his Mom in Gas Works Park he didn’t really want to be on the water anymore he wanted to be a kid playing in the park! The same sort of thing happened at the Space Needle on Tuesday afternoon- he looked down at the International Fountain and immediately declared we should head down. That was within five minutes of arriving at the top. I half-expected that would happen. It didn’t help it was a boring hazy blue sky day, which is almost as bad as a dreary cloudy day. Everything felt too far away and there were no surprises. Even Mt. Rainier looked more like a picture and not a real mountain.

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