adam and i venture to the beach at Discovery Park, where unbeknowest to us a red tide awaits; undeterred (and not in the mood for shellfish) we build a tugboat

As soon as I’d suggested the idea this morning, i regretted it. The rocky, briny beach at Discovery Park was going to be a letdown so soon after Ruby Beach (Olympic National Park) this past weekend. Adam was very eager, though. When we got there, the signs staked into the beach warning us of the red tide put a quasi-damper on things. I was reminded of the crew members of George Vancouver’s expeditionary voyage who met a ghastly fate along the coast of British Columbia. After describing to him exactly what an algal bloom entailed, I explained to Adam I was feeling a bit irrational and wasn’t in the mood for us to go near the water and he said in his best Bob the construction worker voice “don’t worry papa, we can build something higher on the beach! We don’t have to touch the water!”

We spent about three hours working on a driftwood tugboat. It was pretty fun. You have to be careful with your kids when you’re monkeying around in piles of driftwood someplace so close to the city, there’s a truckload worth of rusty nails everywhere. The scrap wood makes for good building material, though. I’ve taught Adam well, I didn’t worry a heckuva lot.

It feels weird to have Tonni and Jack gone, even though they were only here for six days. Here’s a picture of Adam and Jack playing in the International Fountain. We didn’t have swimsuits for the boys, we had been up in the Space Needle. Jack ran around in his shorts, Adam went speedo-style in his underwear. Be careful of the slippery red strip of stone on the outside of the fountaincourt! First, Adam pulled a Charlie Brown and his feet went flying and he landed on his back, it was horrifying to see how close he came to slamming the back of his head on the concrete. Barely a moment passed when Jack inexplicably ran down the ramp and did the same exact thing, it turned my stomach. He was fine. Tonni Renee and I lectured the boys about not running and we relinquished control as the splattering mist of the fountain drove us backward.

adam and jack cool off in the International Fountain at the Seattle Center

Anyhow, here’s another picture. This is of Adam working on the tug (we named her Kraken, in honor of that most fascinating monster of the sea). Our original plan was to build a tunnel under these long, slender driftwood logs. The arthritis in my right wrist has been acting up, though, so we turned our mission into a boat-building one.

she doesn’t look too good, but trust me……she’s not seaworthy

Here’s Adam setting our anchor so we can get some sleep for the night. We had just arrived in Africa. I don’t know why we sailed to Africa, but it was his idea. I know you don’t sail a tugboat, but Adam was so proud of our candystick smokestack I didn’t have the heart to tell him we should pretend it was the mast for our sail. The red bucket was Kraken’s foghorn……

this is Adam dropping the anchor

2 thoughts on “adam and i venture to the beach at Discovery Park, where unbeknowest to us a red tide awaits; undeterred (and not in the mood for shellfish) we build a tugboat

  1. I too like the silhouette capture very much. Very striking.

    Building driftwood creations on the beach – so much fun. What great memories you’re making.

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