some old pictures from Hug Point (Grandma Shukis leaves tomorrow after having visited us for a few weeks)

Grandma Shukis is leaving for home tomorrow morning early so I thought for the heck of it I’d post a few old pictures from an Oregon Coast trip we did in September 2008 when she was visiting Seattle. Adam was a year old and on this night he stayed in town (Cannon Beach) with Diana while my Mom and I drove a few miles out of town to take in the sunset from Hug Point.

Since today was my Mom’s last full day in town for this visit, I relented and went thrift store shopping with her (Adam and Diana were hanging out with friends for the afternoon). We went to four different shops. Thrifting with my Mom has always been somewhat torturous for me because while I’m focused and efficient, she moves like a glacier. For the most part, today I was patient. A couple times I had to walk around the stores for exercise to give her all the time she needed. That wasn’t a problem at the enormous Dearborn Goodwill, but at the other stores I think some mystery shoppers were following me because they thought I was a shoplifter, hahaha!

I struck out really bad, it just wasn’t my day. There were a few nice finds, though. At the Dearborn Goodwill, I found (in excellent condition) a 1969 copy of Footloose Around Puget Sound: 100 Walks on Beaches, Lowlands and Foothills. Photos are by Bob and Ira Spring. I love these old The Mountaineers books just to see how much places have changed. I whiffed at the Ballard Goodwill. Nothing remotely good there. Same for the Children’s Hospital Thrift Store up north on Highway 99 (that’s a shitty little store, I’m not going there again and I’m not just saying that because I had to pee really bad and they have no public restroom). I capped things off nicely with a decent visit to Value Village on Highway 99: A Spiderman t-shirt for me, for two dollars. A KISS action figure. Ball Four by Jim Bouton. And a cool Star Wars picture book for 69 cents. I’m a little disappointed I didn’t follow my instincts and get the still-in-the-box South African Princess Barbie doll.

This is my Mom studying the rocks at the base of the waterfall by Hug Point.

A portrait of my Mom……

This is a view north, you can see actual Hug Point here. It’s hard to tell from this picture if it would have been possible to get up on the blasted-out roadbed and make our way around the point.

One thought on “some old pictures from Hug Point (Grandma Shukis leaves tomorrow after having visited us for a few weeks)

  1. Your mom is beautiful! What a lovely portrait of her.

    I, too, really enjoy finding the old Mountaineers books. I recently came upon a first edition of Trips & Trails 2.

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