the ocean ranger rests on the Lake Washington Ship Canal

The name of this tug is probably barely visible in the smaller size of this picture, it’s the Ocean Ranger. Such a grand name for a tugboat! It’s a big tug, though. Adam, Diana and I were kayaking down the Ship Canal to Fisherman’s Terminal.

Adam and I finished building his big sand box in the front yard today, complete with deluxe telescoping sun shade that can be lowered all the way down (a handy feature since every alley cat on Capitol Hill has pooped in our garden at one time or another). Afterward, we headed over to Ballard to pick up 500 pounds of sand from Salmon Bay Sand and Gravel. Since we were in the neighborhood, we stopped by the Ballard Goodwill. I found the Death Star gunner! Most unfortunately, the figure’s arms are permanently folded in position holding a weapon (which is missing, of course). Why the heck would the Death Star gunner have a gun (oh the irony)? He’s the equivalent of a desk jockey, sitting in the bowels of the Death Star waiting for command to give him permission to pull a lever. It’s highly unlikely he’s ever faced a combat situation worse than an ingrown toenail. He probably spends most of his time placing bets with bored Stormtroopers on whether or not he can take out this or that asteroid.  Nevertheless, I consider it a pretty cool find. The helmet comes off to reveal a super dorky-looking guy with a chicken neck, underneath.

Adam and i kayaking at Fisherman’s Terminal; diana is resting ahead of us

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