End of Maintained Trail

This summer, I got into a peculiar habit of taking pictures of signs along the trail. I don’t know why, it’s not something I ever used to do. A lot of these pictures end up among my favorites when I go home.

Tonight I finally got a chance to look at my pictures from Van Trump Park and Mildred Point. Thursday was gorgeous with crystal-clear skies. It reminded me of how hazy it was for most of September.

This is a sign at Mildred Point. These End of Maintained Trail signs are posted in lots of places around MRNP. I saw another one last month on my way to the summit of The Palisades, just above Hidden Lake.

I aimed to follow the ridge from Mildred Point toward Wapowety Cleaver for as long as I could. I’ll show what that is in some pictures later this week. For a quarter of a mile there was a decent game path (and scattered elk dung, it smelled like a cow pasture up there), but it petered out and the east-facing meadow was so steep, the sidehilling hurt my ankles pretty bad and so I turned around after maybe a half mile of wincing and ouches. I’ve heard of people continuing on, but I didn’t feel motivated enough since I was by myself.

Adam and I are on our own for a couple days, his mother is out of town. I think we’ll be doing some heavy rainy-day reading tomorrow, interspersed with a visit to the Museum of Flight (I re-upped our membership, last week).

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