adam and I built this sandbox

This is the sandbox. As in the one that sat in the box for a year because I was worried I would screw up putting it together. By waiting an extra year, I ensured Adam could guide me through the process. It was easy except the factory in Germany (because only in Germany can you find the world famous rain-resistant Bavarian wood?) forgot to pre-drill some of the really important holes for the hardware, no doubt on purpose. So I had to haul out the heavy equipment. Which means there was bitching and moaning about the stupid 30 foot extension cord that always gets knotted and tied up. Anyway, Adam loves the sandbox. I’m going to do a little stonework all the way around it with some of the flat, textured river rock I’ve been collecting over the years from rivers in the Cascades.

“i built this with my Papa. He can build anything. Even our house.” (isn’t it cute how your children think you’re a greek god?)

adam looks like Worf’s son in this picture

2 thoughts on “adam and I built this sandbox

  1. Does the assembly of any project from a box ever go smoothly??? Ha! It looks great! Our boys were huge sandbox fans when they were Adam’s age. I would always get so angry when we would forget to put the cover back on at night—the neighborhood cats would love to use it as a litter box.

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