autumn in the North Cascades

We did a family hike in the North Cascades yesterday.

One of my best days of the year in the mountains. I had Adam and Diana with me, which meant a lot. Someone left a $5 bill at the trailhead, that was nice. It was unbelievably (surprisingly) pretty after a soggy week in puget sound country: Azure blue skies, yellow-green larches, frosty alpine lakes, icy jagged spires of rock. 50 degrees (we could see our breath in the evening). I had Adam in the backpack carrier (to ensure we could reach our destination…..he got to hike up high) but even with 2,000 feet of elevation gain I felt so strong it was like someone injected adrenaline into my lungs. I was thrilled to get some great pictures of this area. More than ten years ago, Diana and I hiked here on our way home from Vancouver, B.C. and I took a truckload of pictures on a film camera. Somehow, the film ended up in my Mom’s carry-on bag and on her way home it got destroyed by the airport x-ray machine.

Perhaps in exchange for the $5 bill (this is my karma we’re talking about), I was repaid in the form of an hour of hiking in the dark on the way down without the aid of flashlight or headlamp, which thanks to the moonlight did not reach full-on nightmare status. I’ll remember the night most for Adam repeatedly blurting out “what in the HECK??!!” every time I nearly fell down after misjudging the slope of the trail in the dark.

Diana is more angry with me because ten minutes ago I was proudly smoothing out the 1,000 piece puzzle with only a dozen pieces remaining- and let’s just say the theory of plate tectonics was re-enacted and there is some damage to be repaired. I am SUCH an idiot sometimes.

More on this hike later.

One thought on “autumn in the North Cascades

  1. “What the heck” seems like a mild response to almost falling on the trail in the dark. I prefer “We’re all going to die and be eaten by bears!”. When we hiked together in Shenandoah, I was a bit worried we wouldn’t beat the sunset back to the car. That hike down from Mary’s Rock is pretty rocky and uneven. I’m sure I would have fallen!

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