The Swiss Family Robinson

This afternoon Adam and I read a 48-page version of this classic story of a shipwrecked family as they imaginatively adapt to life on an island with a curiously abundant supply of flora and fauna (lush tropical beaches and buffalo and a sandy desert and a donkey-eating boa constrictor on an island in the South Pacific…..all within easy walking distance?). I have very, very fond childhood memories of the 1960 film (which by the way, was the highest grossing film that year). I hadn’t planned on getting this book out for awhile, but somehow it made it off the secret stack underneath our computer desk and found its way to the living room. Adam brought it to me a couple days ago, he’d been admiring the pictures of the Robinson family floating their way to New Switzerland in sawed-off casks.

Adam loved this story through-and-through. He would not let us stop reading. Between chocolate milk fill-ups and potty breaks, I think it took us a couple hours. This version of The Swiss Family Robinson is fine. But I was disappointed to find pirates only come with the Disney telling of the story. I’m thinking of renting the movie tomorrow. Diana has to be at work late for a meeting, so I’ll pick Adam up a little early from school and maybe we’ll watch it. Hopefully there’s nothing too terribly untoward in the movie. I know there’s just some, ah, garden variety musket and sword fights. But Adam is getting his education about guns from kids at school who are younger than him.

Tonight we started the story over with Mama, at Adam’s request.

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