Adam and Mt. Adams

Adam and I were on Mt. Rainier tonight for probably the last warm, summer-like autumn day so high. I took him up to Panorama Point (an easy 4 mile, 1,500 feet elevation gain hike).

It was the first time in over ten years I’d been to Paradise outside of winter, when its famous flower meadows are typically buried under piles of snow taller than our house (at one time, Paradise held the world record for winter snowfall). So I hardly recognized where I was.  Nevertheless, the trail to Panorama Point was snowy and slushy past the turn-off to Glacier Vista. I was surprised how much snow was still left-over from the cold spell ten days ago.

Panorama Point is at elevation 6,800 feet. We had it to ourselves for all but a few minutes, that was when we visited with a vacationer from Richmond, VA. He was a very nice man and asked if I wanted a picture of Adam and I together. It got a little tedious over a half dozen attempts because he couldn’t keep the shutter release separate from the exposure compensation button on  my camera, but he finally eked out a few ridiculously crooked pictures with the focus squarely behind us, haha! I was reminded of why I usually tell people no thanks. But like I said, he was very nice and we enjoyed talking about mountains with each other. By the time he’d left, I’d convinced him to go for a hike in the Hoh rainforest on Thursday (he was visiting until Monday).

Adam hiked most of the way down, he insisted. His main motivation was to fall down in the snow as many times as possible. I let him, though back at Paradise he was a shivering mess. We drove down The Mountain after sunrise. At home I carried him up to bed.

2 thoughts on “Adam and Mt. Adams

  1. The “double Adams” shot is priceless. It’s funny for me to see Adam playing in the snow although we had to boot up the furnace for the first time this past week. Unfortunately winter will be here before too long…

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