adam and i take a walk to the Japanese Garden on a brisk but sunny tuesday

This morning Adam and I walked down to the Japanese Garden for a walk around the pond. The cluster of maple trees by the south end are very beautiful now, though if I had my druthers there would be more leaves on the ground. That always makes for the prettiest pictures. I may get my wish soon, there are some downpours in the forecast (though not until the end of the week). Here’s Adam sitting on the stone bridge.

Here’s my favorite snow lantern in the Japanese Garden. A few weeks ago I noticed the gardeners scraped the beautiful soft green moss off the top. I wish they wouldn’t have done that.

Adam amidst flaming red foliage……

Most of the Koi have retired to the mud for the winter. There were a few stragglers following us around like little puppy dogs.

We stopped to talk to Mary in the gatehouse on the way out. Adam did most of the talking. Then we took the secret path back up to the house. It involves climbing up a steep, muddy hill. Adam was tired later, he took a long nap this afternoon. Tonight we worked in the yard, Adam played in his sandbox while I put up another cuckoo clock on one of our fenceposts. Neighbor Jack came over to play for about 45 minutes, for a long time the boys sang a Beatles song (Adam taught Jack one verse and they sang it over and over) while I brushed the cuckoo clocks with Ship and Shore. Adam and I have been listening to the Beatles a lot. We like to listen to the Beatles when we do the dishes.

4 thoughts on “adam and i take a walk to the Japanese Garden on a brisk but sunny tuesday

  1. Beautiful! Adam is really rockin’ that red hat! He’s such a handsome little dude! Our fall colors are starting to fade away—I’m hoping I can get one more good photography weekend in before the trees are bare.

  2. Cool red hat! Love the fall colors you’ve captured. I think it’s cool you’re exposing Adam to the Beatles – and that he likes! My parents did the same with me, always good music to listen to.

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