Star Trek: The Original Series

I just finished the first disc of Star Trek (The Original Series), season one.

It was as good as I remember from my childhood (excepting the blatant sexism, a constant reminder of a different era). That’s how long it has been since I watched the original series- back in the day I would impatiently bide my time through Lee Van Amedeye and Bill Steffens on the eleven o’clock news so I could stay up late watching back-to-back syndicated reruns.

Through the first eight episodes, there were a lot of pretty good ones. For my taste, The Enemy Within was the only dud (but the sleepy little dog dressed up as an alien life-form was a gut-buster). What Are Little Girls Made of?, Where No Man Has Gone Before and Miri were my favorites.  After watching the first eight shows and getting a fresh look at Leonard Nimoy, I’m even more impressed with Zachary Quinto as a young Spock. I can’t wait for the 2012 Star Trek sequel.

Make-up artists (or studio lighting?) have come a long way. Is it just me, or is everyone on the Starship Enterprise always sweating or have a greasy forehead? I know that’s a goofy thing to point out, but it really stood out to me the first few episodes.

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