We leave for Kauai tomorrow morning. I’m getting butterflies! “Travel anxiety” is setting in. It’s worse than usual because we haven’t been far from home for awhile (Utah in July to visit Adam’s Uncle Don was our last big trip).

The flight from Seattle to Kauai takes 5/6 hours. We’re lucky in that we get an entire row to ourselves. So no worries about encroachment, the three of us can sack out and spill-over and spill things worry-free. I take the aisle seat so we can isolate Adam by the window and make him as comfortable as possible. This morning he and I bought a cache of DVDs: Babe, Babe in the City, Toy Story, Day of the Diesels (a Thomas the Train movie), the Planet Earth series (Adam has watched it before and loved it). I borrowed Free Willy from the library. We don’t have a television at home and our highly-restricted six inch screen portable DVD player is Cinerama as far as Adam is concerned, so we’re just going with the flow and letting the airplane ride be a movie festival. I’ve been on enough long plane rides with him, in the end nothing is more sacred but his and our mental health. The really important movies (Star Wars, Star Trek) are still a few years away. I’d never let him watch Star Wars on a portable DVD player.

I’m taking a few books for the trip. On the flight I’ll probably read The Physics of Star Trek and A Brief History of Time: From the Big Bang to Black Holes. Diana picked up a stack of books from Elliott Bay Bookstore tonight, but I doubt she’ll get much recreational reading done tomorrow. The DVD player has an extra headphone jack. She’ll be far too distracted providing ongoing cinematographical and subject background consults for Adam. I’d be more than willing to sit through a few children’s movies except my hearing aid turns the cabin noise of a Boeing 737 at 30,000 feet, into unintelligible ghetto blaster.

Unlike last year, we arrive on the island early in the afternoon. More than enough time for a couple swims before dinner!

4 thoughts on “butterflies

  1. Traveling with kid(s) is always an adventure but it sounds like you have it well covered! Have a great time! Looking forward to hearing about your hikes and seeing some pictures.

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