murhut creek

On the way home Saturday afternoon, Lance and I speculated as to the headwaters of Murhut Creek. Based on the scantily- detailed map at our disposal, our first guess was the rivetingly-named North Rock (elevation 4,244). Here is a picture of the fascinating log-with-water-pouring-out-of-it I mentioned, at a spillway downstream from Murhut Falls. I call it Leaky Pipe Log, if you walk to the end of the Murhut Falls trail shortly before the end you’ll see it down below. You can’t miss this weird, charming feature of the creek. I had uploaded a series of different views of the log for tonight, but as I can’t handle something as simple as even WordPress they all came out sideways, upside down or viewable in 550% size only, so I’ll save the other pictures for tomorrow.

One sound piece of advice I can offer to those visiting Murhut Falls and Creek is to be constantly vigilant about where you step. Everything, especially boulders and downed trees, is coated with a layer of moss or suspicious green slime and should be considered extremely hazardous until a 60 point inspection and foot probing has been undertaken. Also, watch for loose gravel on steep, eroded slopes. I was fortunate to avoid falling completely face-down but I did have a few near-misses.

In other news, my Mom left town today after visiting us for three weeks. She dragged 300 pounds of carry-on luggage (including a sewing machine) aboard her flight this morning and was roundly chastised by the flight attendants and the co-pilot even came back and threatened to report her to the FAA for insubordination and being from Michigan but she made it home in one piece and as an extra bonus was delighted to have the use of her armrests and go to the lavatory without stepping in a puddle of urine.

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