snowy weekend in tyrannosaurus fir

We had an eventful weekend. Tyrannosaurus Fir got socked with snow the past couple days.

Adam and I basically spent all day yesterday sledding on our street, we outlasted everyone else in the neighborhood. And boy, did we get some amazing runs in. At the end of the day I was chilled to my core. Neighbors invited us to dinner in the evening and the power went out (for the second time that day) just before we started eating and I was so tired I sat there feeling like I was in a darkened dream, everyone looked like a ghost in the candlelight. We went to bed early to the heavy burnished scent of candlewax and I fell asleep right away but woke up spooked at 1 AM because I’m not used to the way snow reflects light and makes the night bright. Before I went back to bed I roamed the house with a flashlight. Without power, the house was so still. And downstairs was so cold. I went back to bed and slept fitfully until 3 AM, when the power came on and my bedside lamp clicked on right in my face. It was jarring but pleasant at the same time and I went all the way downstairs to make sure everything in the fridge was still cold.

This morning we pulled Adam in the sled to Volunteer Park, where we played on the little hill above the reservoir. Sledding even on the soft grass was painful. My butt is sore from sledding yesterday. Then we walked down 15th Avenue for coffee and hot chocolate at Victrola.

Adam and I built a fort this afternoon.

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