a slushy saturday

This is a picture of Adam from last year. It makes me nervous just looking at it, because it was taken after a big snow dump at the end of February. So we’ve got awhile before we’re out of the woods from another “snow event”. I took this at Deception Pass State Park on the Fidalgo Island side. Adam and I brought his Uncle Eric here for a walk to Reservation Head.  Eric seemed distracted that day, perhaps because he was visiting from Chicago and trying to figure out why in the damn Sam Hell it was twenty degrees colder in Puget Sound than back home on the edge of the prairie. We had to walk the icy, not-usually-fenced-off state park road to Bowman Bay. This is the playground right by the fishing pier on Bowman Bay. See how Adam has big floppy gloves on? Those are mine. I forgot his gloves, which was an inexplicably unsurprisingly absentminded thing to do on a day which barely saw the mid-twenty Fahrenheits.

We’re returning to normal after a very snowy week on Capitol Hill. I drove for the first time since last week Saturday. It was a tad dicey and I almost hit the mail truck when I test-drove down our hill. I love living in a hilly city, but it has its definite downsides at times like this. I’d like to require every condescending person who mocks Seattle for being prissy when it snows, to drive down some of our hills: Capitol Hill, Queen Anne, Phinney Ridge, West Seattle.  At any rate, before breakfast I walked the six blocks to Tully’s on 19th to buy a newspaper (at the end of the day we would get a bundle of old, missed newspapers). Along the way, I found the sidewalks were more dangerous than the streets and I decided to walk in the road.

Diana  made pancakes like my Grandma Donat’s for breakfast, that gave the sun time to soften the ice on the street and so mid-morning the three of us went grocery shopping. Diana did most of it. Adam and I walked around the Roosevelt neighborhood to soak in the sun and slush. We tried to visit Cloud 9 Consignment but our timing was a little off, it didn’t open for another half hour. While we were walking around, a huge fire truck pumper engine drove past with enormous tire chains on all four wheels. Not just regular tire chains- literally, the kind of chains you might find in a medieval dungeon. Tonight we went for another walk in the slush, this time in our neighborhood. Our neighbor Steve was sweeping slush off the sidewalk. Adam and I had a snowball fight.

This is Adam’s hammy impersonation of an ornery gatekeeper (the road to Bowman Bay was gated because of slippery ice). I got some cute portraits of him here with his rosy red cheeks, but it cracked me up how he was trying to look tough this instance. I believe Uncle Eric was goading him:

This is the uncropped version of the picture above:

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