it rained a lot on Sunday and we saw Dale Chihuly on the escalator at the movie theater (he was on his way to see the new Alvin and the Chipmunks movie)

What do Dale Chihuly and Alvin and the Chipmunks have in common with this shelf of lava off Kauai’s Poipu Beach? Nothing, really.

This afternoon was Adam’s first movie theater experience, we saw Beauty and the Beast in 3D ( it wasn’t exactly the big house seeming as how it was screen #14 at the Meridian between Pike and Pine). The previews lasted for a half hour, I was ready to jump out of my seat and march upstairs to strangle everyone in the projection booth. Worse than the previews were the commercials before the previews! Geezus, they have commercials at the movies these days? Adam enjoyed the movie, I think. The 3D was fascinating. But the previews were more entertaining, to be honest. Is there anything more dreadful than being set up for disappointment between the previews and the actual movie? Especially when you’re four years old?

After the movie, we saw Dale Chihuly on the escalator headed to the top floor of the cinema. I wasn’t sure if it was him right away, but there are only so many curly-haired scowlers wearing eye patches and when I looked back at Diana she nodded without saying anything (she did some work for him a few years ago).

I put more Kauai pictures on the computer, tonight. In the very entertaining process of doing so, I went back and browsed through my stuff from last year. This image was taken then (December 2010). It’s a two second exposure at f13. Surprisingly, I didn’t come back to this spot to shoot again this year and I regret it. It’s just barefoot walking distance from where we like to stay in Poipu. I shot a pretty sunset here in 2010 and gave a handful of files to a couple who watched it from the beach behind me and wanted a memento of the night. These fascinating shelves of lava can be found around the island.

I’m doing my best to ignore my family while I write this blog post. Currently, Adam is pretending to be a super hero by the name of Captain Outlet, who is running around the house with a bow and arrow made out of tinker toys. He uses electricity to subdue bad guys.

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