poipu rhymes with toy-who

Working on my blog is turning into a fun pastime when I can do it. I have to admit, every time I log in I wonder why I do it since the main people who visit are nerds looking for a picture of Darth Vader’s meditation chamber. I’m thinking seriously of devoting an entire week to a Darth Vader-in-his-meditation-chamber series. It has been a tough few weeks because Adam has been up and down on the health-o-meter and I’ve started feeling as if I’ve fallen off the ends of the Earth I’ve spent so much time at home.  It has been a little harder than usual to fend off the torment of isolation. I tend to not get too bothered by it because I’m already so far down the rabbit hole from these past few years but when you take a walk around the block and feel like Ferdinand Magellan then you have to admit to yourself there may be a minor problem brewing.

What helps at a time like this are pictures from Hawaii. This is a shelf of lava off Poipu Beach I have approximately 297 pictures of. Know what’s worse than getting no good pictures whatsoever? Getting 297 good pictures that don’t exactly blow your socks off so you can’t decide which ones to pick out and share.  As I have indicated 19 times already, Poipu is where we stay when we go to Kauai. Poipu is on the south shore of the island.

Here’s another picture from Poipu, just down the road from where we stayed. In case you can’t tell, it’s not a good place to dip your toes unless you’re an invertebrate creature who can take a little pounding. This was another fascinating place to sit and stare and when I was done I realized I’d taken 100 identical pictures.

This was at the Poipu Snow Festival:

One thought on “poipu rhymes with toy-who

  1. Pictures (or even just thoughts) of Hawaii are endlessly happy and sunny. Great medicine for a variety of problems. I am, however, skeptical about the Poipu Snow Festival image. I hope you’ll keep posting on your blog – your words and photographs are always enjoyable!

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