dinosaur crossing

Breaking news tonight, there’s yet another outbreak of lice at Adam’s preschool.

It’s official. We’re going to be the last house on the block with leftover snow!

Do you want to know what really got to me last week when we were snowed in? The Seattle Public Library robot lady bounty hunter on my answering machine stalking me just about every single day, needling me about very overdue items (just two) needing to be returned to the library. I’m pretty sure the library was closed half the week due to the weather. But I was ready to walk all the way there in the snow and drop off the books so I could stop listening to the ten minute-long automated message (she repeats it for your convenience). And do you want to know what the kicker is?  The library made a mistake. The $15 in fines (uh, from some other overdue books) on my card should have been removed last month when I paid them (using cash) at the Ballard branch. I went ahead and just paid the fine again today at the Montlake Branch because the librarian was such a nice guy. I didn’t want him to think I was a pathetic scammer who didn’t have the decency to just pay his stupid library fine. Another example of me just not being very good on my toes.

One thought on “dinosaur crossing

  1. I switched over all my library notices to email – just so I wouldn’t have to listen to those awful recorded messages. You’re too kind Jason, but the extra money went to a good cause. I know Dom & I sure enjoy and make use of the resources available to us through our local library.

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