clover lake views

There are little lakes aplenty (seven of them) along the Palisades Lakes trail: Sunrise Lake, Clover Lake, Tom Dick and Harry Lakes, Hidden Lake (via a good sidetrail) and Upper Palisades Lake. Here’s another view of Clover Lake, after I’d already visited en route to The Palisades. On the saddle above the lake I crossed paths with two tiny, elderly Hmong men who cut an interesting picture with their fishing rods and old external frame backpacks. They were on their way back down to Clover Lake, visibly relieved to be done with the long ascent to the saddle from the opposite direction.

Here’s another view of Clover Lake from the low saddle.

I dropped down the way the two old men had hiked up and found more beautiful meadows ringed by woods. You can see some of the meadows in the picture below. In the far background is my destination, The Palisades. Tucked below this south-facing part of The Palisades is the Hidden Lake basin, and I reached the turn-off for it in a mile from this saddle.

3 thoughts on “clover lake views

  1. You sure had a nice day to explore the Palisades. You’ve captured create detail in these images. I especially like the depth in the trees. It’s been several years since I hiked to Upper Palisades Lake. After seeing your pictures, I am reminded I must return.

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