you’re about to get your ticket stamped for the VW Jelly Belly Snow Express (keep your windows shut because last winter someone got their arm ripped off by a polar bear)

Some of my ideas simply fall flat on their face. For the life of me I couldn’t shoot this little VW Bus the way I pictured it in my head. While my mom was visiting Seattle during Christmas, she and Adam built a village of gingerbread houses.

This morning I took my D700 to CameraTechs in Ballard to get the sensor cleaned, there was enough dust on it to fill a dump truck. I didn’t have the nerve to do it myself on this camera, not quite yet. The rep in the store said it would only take a half hour ($60) so I walked over to the library and found a couple books that looked interesting. I was overcome by the smell of tobacco and BO from all the homeless guys camped out at the computer terminals. Also, they seemed to gravitate toward me everywhere I was browsing.

There’s another pinkeye alert at Adam’s school. Tonight when I was tucking him into bed, he started rubbing his eyes like crazy. Oh lordy, please let it be because he was really tired. We did wear ourselves out. Diana is working late. Adam and I had a Wild Dog Party.

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