on biking the point defiance loop road

This morning we moseyed 45 miles south to Tacoma and Point Defiance, Adam and I wanted to show Diana where we explored earlier in the week. Considering all of our options, I know it must seem like a strange place to go. Tacoma Aroma?  But you really have to give Point Defiance its due, it’s a beautiful city park. What I’m antsy to do someday is walk the beach all the way around Point Defiance. Maybe all the way to the Narrows Bridge. I don’t know if we’ll get down there again this year. I can only visit Tacoma so many times in such a short span. I mean, it is Tacoma.  On the weekends, the loop road through the park is closed to traffic in the mornings. Adam rode his bike for a few miles.

There was a certain amount of trotting involved for us, but Adam frequently turned around and rode back to us. I spent part of the morning pretending to be a monster who steals bikes. As you can probably tell, the loop road through the forested park is quite a pretty place for a bike ride.

Signs like this are all over the park:

This was a rather vertiginous viewpoint featuring Gig Harbor in the distance. These towering bluffs are one of the park’s endearing features. They also make accessing the beach a little tricky.

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