spider meadows and the big pile of snow (from Carne Mountain)

Carne Mountain’s summit offers an expansive view of lovely Spider Meadows, you can see the forested five mile route laid out before you. The meadows themselves look tiny from here. See the sliver of white in the meadows, below the valley headwall? That’s the huge leftover pile of snow I had to hike over last summer when I went up to Spider Gap. Spider Gap is distinctly visible in this view, it’s the little u-shaped slot with bright snow in the distance beyond. The Spider Glacier leading down from Spider Gap is diagonal/right-trending. I know, I know- it’s hard to believe there’s a way up the headwall of the valley to see over to the other side. But there is! It’s steep, though. To Spider Gap and back to the trailhead is 14-15 miles.

After I took this picture it started to snow, dust-like flakes twinkled in the waning sun. It was a gloomy dusk on the way down.

I’ve shared this picture before but I thought it was worth posting again for the reverse view, from the valley headwall, toward Carne Mountain. Carne is the tiny horn at the edge of the distant ridge. EDIT: It’s several days later, and I’ve learned from my other pictures that Carne Mountain is just to the right out of view in the picture below. What I identified as Carne is actually just a lower part of Ice Ridge.

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