Ice Ridge to Mount Maude and other northerly views from carne mountain of the entiat range

Carne Mountain is part of the Entiat Mountains, a subrange east of the North-South Cascade crest. Despite an elevation of 7085 feet, Carne doesn’t feel particularly lofty or stand out in an area with so many stunning peaks. But the views from Carne are very satisfying, extremely so to the north. You’re treated to an enormous local panorama: Fortress, Chiwawa, Red, Dumbbell, Seven Fingered Jack, Mount Maude and Ice Box. In the picture below, Mount Maude is the highest peak in the distance (with the broad-appearing snowy slope) on the left side of the frame.

ice creek ridge to mount maudeCarne can be used as a jumping-off point for a high route to scramble Mount Maude. Maude is one of my big hiking goals for this summer! I’m going to pass on the Carne Mountain High Route and stick to the more straightforward Leroy High Route. For the Leroy High Route, I’ll hike up the Phelps Creek Trail (in the deep green valley you see in the image below) for 2.5 miles then branch right and make my way up high to a camp in Leroy Basin. I’ll go up Maude the next day. There’s nearly 6,000 feet of elevation that has to be gained to reach the summit. At 9082 feet, Maude is the thirteenth highest peak in the state and it has some colossal views.

a northerly view from Carne Mountain

I wish it had been nice longer on Carne but the gray pall that hung around most of the day soon returned and shrouded the local mountains. It was a special treat to sit there by myself munching on my milk chocolate (which had turned surprisingly crunchy in the cold while sitting in my backpack) amidst September snowflakes, but in the gathering gloom I started to feel vulnerable with just a couple hours before dark and me up so high and so I soon made a beeline for the bottom. The hike down in the dusk was spooky but uneventful. The ride home over the neverending-bone-jarring-glowing-eyes-on-the-side-of-the-Chiwawa River Road and then pitch-black Stevens Pass was torturous because I couldn’t stop thinking of food. When I finally got radio reception on our side of the Cascades I listened to the Mariners post-game report. The team’s first baseman broke his nose that night after a baseball bounced up and hit him in the face. But mostly it was a good day.

Phelps Creek Basin from Carne Mountain

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