the carne mountain scandal is revealed

I made a mistake last week when I posted a tighter portrait version of this view and said Carne Mountain was the tiny horn on the end of the ridge above. I only wish. That’s part of Ice Ridge. Dweebs like me are too scared to go up there. I looked at this picture and realized my error right away. Look farther down (but not that far, really): Carne is part of the darkish horseshoe-like complex of mountain you see basically straight ahead and slightly above/right of Spider Meadows (Carne is the highest part).

I thought it would be neat to show how cozy it is down in Spider Meadows. One factor you may want to be mindful of in case you’re hankering to shoot good pictures of the meadows from the valley headwall: On late summer sunny days the terrain above casts dark shadows that make your histogram do wacky things.

a view of Spider Meadows en route to Spider Gap

In other news, tonight I added my own domain name to Tyrannosaurus Fir! That means my url is now I’m happy enough with WordPress and my blog so far that I’ve decided to plop my flag onto the surface of planet blogosphere.  My blog gets next to zero traffic, which I’ll admit feels demoralizing from time to time, but the low visitorship has been partly out of design. It has taken me this long to figure out some basic things about WordPress (i’m slow). After 148 posts, I think it’s safe to say Tyrannosaurus Fir will be sticking around for awhile.

4 thoughts on “the carne mountain scandal is revealed

  1. I’ll admit, there is a certain cachet that comes with being a dot-commer. I’m taking it in stride and holding onto my stock options until I have enough to buy something like, say, a pack of gum or stick of deodorant.

  2. I’m glad you are still doing your thing with Word Press. Love your writing style and of course your fine photography. You are right, I can see myself moving this direction in the near future. My pace is slower than a turtle with a sprained ankle!

  3. Congrats on acquisition of a domain name and on deciding to stick with blogging – it’s a fantastic creative outlet and I think you’re doing a great job!

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