adam and i take san francisco by storm this weekend (after we take some pain reliever and blow our nose)

Tomorrow, Adam and I are headed down to San Francisco for a few days of sightseeing! The flight from Seattle to San Francisco is barely two hours and we arrive at the Oakland airport around lunchtime. He and I will spend plenty of time riding the cable cars and doodling on the buses back and forth-every-which-way before all is said and done but tomorrow afternoon we’ll probably spend most of our time traipsing about the Marin Headlands, I told him about Battery Spencer and the battery on the way to Kirby Cove. He’s pretty excited about seeing them, we’re going to pretend we’re space explorers on a strange planet.

This is a picture I took on my last visit to San Francisco, which was far too long ago (March 2010). That’s the Golden Gate Bridge peeking out above the grass. One of the concrete bunkers of Battery Spencer is barely visible through the fence on the right. Once you crest the hill at the end of this path, you’re treated to perhaps one of the most iconic views of San Francisco.

The past seven days have been a bit of a challenge. I threw my back out last week Friday while toweling off after a shower (a most unremarkable back injury story, I realize) and it decimated plans for a Olympic Peninsula coastal backpack for the long holiday weekend.¬† And Adam came down with yet another cold virus. I’ve lost count for 2012. His fever subsided on Monday and he ended up going to school yesterday and had a fun day, but this morning he woke up tired and said he needed to stay home. Diana and I suspected he was fine but wanted to stay home and play with me and sure enough I believe that was the case. It made packing for the weekend challenging because he insisted on having a birthday party for Jaguar. We had to cut ribbons to tie around everyone’s neck and Adam wrapped about a half dozen of his Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars for Jaguar’s gifts. The party was on the big bed and Rainbow Fishie was a bit of a rascal.

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