suddenly it dawned on the dragons that if they stopped fighting and worked together in harmony, they could have the doctor for a satisfying, albeit small snack

This was a mural we saw in Chinatown. Adam grilled me about the difference between murals and graffiti. He asked me a lot of intriguing questions over the weekend. I love the challenge, and he kept me on my toes. Among other things he wondered about at various times while we were in SF:

  • Why is Haight-Ashbury such a famous place? What was the peace movement? What is counter culture?
  • Why are people protesting in front of our hotel? What are unions? Who is good? Who is bad?
  • How did prisons get their name? What do people do in prison? Why is Alcatraz famous?
  • Why are those children on the other side of the safety barrier?
  • Why is it called Coit Tower?
  • Should we really be walking here, Papa?

I explored Chinatown more than I ever have, it was easy to reach from the second hotel we stayed at over the weekend. We’d jump on the seemingly always-uncrowded California cable car line and be there in five minutes. I think Chinatown was one of Adam’s favorite places. We passed through different parts of it both day and night.

By the way, don’t worry about the weird font. I hope you like the bigger size (I have a feeling your optometrist will approve) but I realize it only magnified the goofiness of the text type I chose a long time ago. I’ll be shopping for something easier to read.

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