battery graffiti

On Friday night, Adam and I wandered down to the battery that’s between Battery Spencer and Battery Kirby. There was a man there videotaping himself talking about the end of the world.  We tried to be polite and keep our voices down.

This is what you look like after Pac Man beats you up.

It’s hard to be an indoor/outdoor cat. Whose front door to pee on? Which garden to poop in? Where do I go to kill a bird?

Does he remind you of the the character actor I’m thinking of?

What would you look like naked wearing only a bright yellow t-shirt?

Adam was afraid I would make us go in this room. I was afraid he would want to go in there. We made the mutual decision to turn around and leave. Shortly thereafter we stumbled upon the humongous mushroom that gave Adam the willies.

It’s a can of triple x spray paint. Oh, wait a minute. There are four x’s.

I spent a couple hours down at Pike Place Market this afternoon.

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