lazy sunday

At the last minute on late Sunday morning, Adam and I changed our plans from rock-hounding on the Middle Fork Snoqualmie River to floating on Lake Union and the Ship Canal. We were out for a good three hours: south Lake Union to the Fremont Bridge to the Montlake Cut back to south Lake Union. Lots of meandering in between.

The paddle Adam is holding is strictly for show (well, he volunteered to help me a half dozen times- I didn’t have the heart to tell him he was making my job harder). He mainly trailed his hand in the water and pointed out sights to me. Diana made him a lunch…..he was momentarily panicked when he couldn’t find his special brownie.

2 thoughts on “lazy sunday

  1. Looks like pretty nice conditions. I’d like to join you guys for a paddle on Lake Union sometime. Do you launch from shore somewhere? I have yet to even attempt a dock launch (I’m certain it will end with me IN the water).

  2. Up to this point, we’ve been launching from a dock at NWOC (we’ve been taking their boats out these last few years). You and I could actually go out in a double together- I’ve decided to get an annual pass to NWOC so Adam and I can go out together on a regular basis until we get our own tandem. If you want to haul your own kayak (which I would like to do as well, in addition to maybe going out in a double the first time for fun) my understanding is NWOC allows public launching for people with their own boats (otherwise we’d just go in someplace like the Arboretum or the boat launch by Gas Works Park)! You’d be surprised- with a dock at water level, getting in and out of a kayak is pretty easy. It’s all about what you’re used to, though.

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