forward stroke on lake union

Adam and I went for a short jaunt on Lake Union and the Ship Canal this morning. He used a regular paddle and did a fine job (the paddle stayed in the boat most of the time). The Ship Canal was really choppy with wind out of the west, the picture below is not indicative of how frisky it got. I saw some interesting things but picture taking was a chore, the wind made remaining stationary nigh impossible!  We took our time and stopped a lot to look at big boats. Somebody working hard in the shipyard by Gas Works waved to us.

The Pacific Glider was moored on the Ship Canal across from Fremont. Maybe it was faster in the old days.

Notorious. Now there’s a bad boy boat name for you. Can you just imagine it starring on Deadliest Catch? It’s skippered by Lars Vicious, who’s popularly known from season 3 when he toked a little just as the crew was starting a major haul (the only time I’ve ever watched Deadliest Catch was in a hotel room a couple years ago). Notorious hasn’t been dry-docked very long, there was a different boat here less than a week ago. On our way back to the south end of Lake Union, we noticed it was hidden behind a giant sheet of plastic.

I mowed the yard at 2509 this afternoon.

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