fremont tugboat co.

I always stop here when we go through the Ship Canal toward Ballard. I love the way these tugs look with the trusses of the bridge in the background. Scenes like this are part of Seattle’s DNA, but it’s hard to fully appreciate them unless you’re gently bobbing around on the water. I’m a landlubber but floating up and down the Ship Canal on a calm morning or late afternoon is easy and relaxing.

I checked my messages late tonight and found one from NWOC… kayak has arrived! Hot dog!!!! I’m not sure if I’ll have a chance to pick it up this weekend. As of right now, I still don’t have a system rigged for carrying the boat on my car (I wasn’t expecting it to arrive so soon).  And then on Sunday I plan to go hiking. I think Adam and I will pick it up on Tuesday. I’ll be honest, the boat-transporting part has me a little nervous. I know I’ll be a pro after lugging it around the first half dozen times. But as of right now, I may as well be getting ready to haul an ocean liner: I have nightmares of driving home with my new boat and having it fly off and smash into the back of a Metro bus because I didn’t tie a knot tight enough.

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