how does this purple look on me?

Spring is certainly sprung in Tyrannosaurus Fir. As usual, the sauropods are vanguards of the new color, they’re practicing enormous restraint not devouring everything in sight. You can barely squeeze your way up the steps there are so many flowers pushing out to form a blossomy gauntlet! Here you see Bowles Mauve in purple and orange. The beautiful-smelling Daphne has rebounded after looking thin and downright ill the last few months of winter. I’d given up the thyme I planted last summer for dead but it’s filling back in nicely. And the Wisteria is once again budding at the last minute: It’s always the the last to drop in Autumn, last to arrive in Spring! The little chickadees love the Wisteria even more than ever, they seem bolder and more playful than I remember. If you sit still long enough, they’ll dart and flit above you like birdie trapeze artists.  The bird poop issue is a little vexing. Fortunately they’re chickadees and not bald eagles. The droppings are confined to a particular area on the side of one step.

This afternoon I went with our neighbor Bill (he lives by himself three houses down the hill in a little cottage bungalow with gray clapboard and bee hives in the backyard) to his friend Mark’s house, where we harvested Black Bamboo. Mark lives a minute or two down the street from Prentice Frazier Park. I’ve seen him at Penny’s Solstice Party. He’s an interesting-looking person: Tall, handsome, bony and angular with a silver ponytail.  He lives high above the street, with a big yard full of bamboo and lush cover crop in his garden featuring several shades of green. His daughter is in the Peace Corp in Africa. He served dried fig and pear (from his garden) to Bill and I before we dug up the bamboo. He’s a hardcore scrabble player (i’ve heard through the grapevine Bill is too, though he claims Mark destroys him) and good photographer. I tried to shoulder as much of the hard work as possible getting the bamboo out since it was such a nice favor of Mark to give us some, but it was definitely a group effort. I levered a lot with the shovel while Mark got on his hands and knees and chopped at some of the toughest roots with a hatchet.

Bill and I drove the bamboo the few short blocks back to our houses. I got mine in the ground, Bill was nice and gave me the biggest (and heaviest) clump. Tomorrow, Adam and I will get a barrier for it. It looks awfully nice by our side path, but I don’t know how healthy it’ll be after a few weeks. We cut some big roots to get it out of the ground.

A few hours later Adam and I took Bill’s red cord (Bill tied it around my clump of bamboo for the short ride home) back to his house, he answered the door in a blue bathrobe and looked relaxed Sunday evening-style. Adam was intrigued by Bill’s cat door, he sure wants a cat- he has been talking about it a lot, lately.  Adam pointed out to Bill that a baby could crawl through the cat door.

Lucy’s doing better. She’s still really, really sore- but is acting a little more like herself. I can’t wait until she’s fully recovered. She stinks like dog. I’m giving her a deluxe bubble bath when the time is right!

One thought on “how does this purple look on me?

  1. I’m so glad Lucy is healing and acting more like herself! What a relief. Yoda goes in for surgery tomorrow. He was diagnosed with cancer on Saturday, and they want to remove the mass right away. Adam and I are pretty worried for him.

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