opening day of boating season

Opening day of boating season in Seattle was yesterday and it didn’t precipitate in any form. It snowed in the Cascades earlier this week but down here where trolls and slugs reside it felt like late Spring: It was nice for May 5th to feel a little more climactic than usual. Adam and I were down at Montlake yesterday for the festivities. It was the second year in a row he and I went by ourselves. Deep down I wanted us to go as a family but Diana’s bulging tummy is reaching tugboat-like proportions and I didn’t want her schlepping a lot unless her heart was really into it (it’s turning into a day for boys and I won’t be surprised if next year at this time it’s just Adam, Bambino and I taking in the boats).  I was pleasantly surprised how uncrowded it seemed along the Cut. Perhaps I only feel that way since we live relatively close-by and we don’t have to hassle with parking. I find it very curious how so many people leave when the crew races are over. To me, that’s when the fun really begins.

That’s the Montlake Bridge you see below, reaching skyward for the Opening Day Parade. The Montlake Bridge is “our” bridge, it’s the closest drawbridge to our house. Adam knew the name of it before he could even form a complete sentence. We stayed until the very end of the parade, Adam delighted in getting misted by a Seattle Police boat that took up the rear. Same as last year, when it was time to go home we made our way over Marsh and Foster Islands via an extremely mucky path and a partially-flooded boardwalk. Two nice boys floating in the lily pads around Marsh Island offered us a ride in their dinghy so we could keep our feet clean, they even had a life jacket for Adam. They seemed capable (the older of the two boys was reassuringly nerdy with coke bottle glasses, he reminded me of myself at that age) but we declined. I called Diana so she could pick us up by the Graham Visitor Center in the Arboretum, I know we should have just walked the rest of the way but I was feeling sun-baked. Diana drove us back up to the house almost without using any gas. If there’s anyone behind you and ya gotta speed up a bit, Boyer just off Lake Washington Boulevard will get you, dadnabbit. We should hold an elite Hypermiler competition in our neighborhood!

the Montlake Bridge lifts for the Opening Day Parade

This morning Adam and I paddled down the Ship Canal to Fisherman’s Terminal. We were on the water for at least three hours. It’s amazing to me how time disappears when we’re out paddling. I had a good time shooting and scouted several good future photo-opps. I was surprised by how many people were busy on their workboats at Fisherman’s Terminal: Welding, banging, clanging, you name it. Meanwhile, on our way back to Lake Union, the pleasure boats came down the Ship Canal in droves. A lot of people looked hung over.

When we got back to Julie’s Landing, we headed north to rendezvous with Diana (she’d walked all the way from NWOC to Wallingford for exercise and a little Sunday morning shopping). I wanted to reward Adam somehow for being so patient in the boat: We refreshed ourselves at Fainting Goat Gelato on 45th. I got chocolate and salted caramel, so did Adam.

Adam was a pooped petunia back at the house. He took a nap for the first time in months. I had to wake him up or else it was going to be a rave party tonight….

boats prepare to enter the Montlake Cut during the Opening Day Parade

One thought on “opening day of boating season

  1. Marsh Island…squishy memories 🙂

    Fainting Goat Gelato must be newish. I spent a lot of time in that section of Wallingford, studying at Tully’s. Probably a good thing the gelato place wasn’t there because I would have gained 50 pounds that year.

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