a nice part about coming home from the Olympic Peninsula is the ferry ride (well, that is if your timing isn’t too off the mark)

I took this picture on Saturday as the Bainbridge ferry departed for Seattle. The boat is just pulling out of Eagle Harbor and making a wide berth around Wing Point (there’s a shoal and reef that extend southward from it). You can see a bit of downtown from the Bainbridge Island ferry terminal but the more impressive full sweep of the city comes into view when you round the bend here. The ferry captain puts the boat into overdrive and in a few minutes you’re in the middle of Elliott Bay.

Ordinarily, I head to the sun deck to see how many laps I can walk around the boat before it reaches Seattle (my personal record is five). It’s the Pacific Northwest version of mall-walking, haha! Basically, I do the laps because I know as soon as I get home I’m going to eat five large pizzas and two gallons of ice cream. Nothing makes me hungrier than a good hike. But last weekend I didn’t bother going upstairs because the Tyler Peak trail destroyed me. I used the lavatory on the lower deck (the lower deck lavatory is great if you’ve got noisy business or you want to join the Sea Level Club) and then reclined the driver’s seat as far back as it would go. I got a great spot on the side deck, periodically I’d get up and snap a picture or two of a neat-looking sailboat.

The Bainbridge ferry is only a 35 minute ride (it cracks me up how ferry rides are referred to as “sailings” since they have more in common with juggernauts than sailboats). My personal policy when I’m on my way home is to not worry about when the next boat leaves. Nine times out of ten I end up having to wait no more than twenty or thirty minutes for the next sailing. The alternative is a tedious hour-long drive that takes a Seattleite demoralizingly far out of the way before doubling back to the north in Tacoma. Sometimes, the serendipitous timing methodology backfires: The next to last time I rode the ferry home after a hike on the Peninsula, it took two hours from the ferry terminal to reach our house. Number one, I missed a departing boat by minutes. So all the while I’m sitting there staring at the city skyline, wondering how long it would take to swim if I was wearing a wetsuit and did the backstroke. On top of that, various announcements were made about the next ferry experiencing some sort of twenty minute delay. To make matters worse, when the next boat finally arrives: Someone’s car breaks down as they’re loading onto it…..

So as I was saying, my kneecaps felt like they’d been bludgeoned by a sheet metal pressing machine. Honestly, I thought I’d end up hobbled all week (I felt back to normal yesterday). I had barely enough time to get home and take a shower before Diana got back to the house from errand-running. Adam was at his Montessori School for the evening, occasionally some of the teachers there provide babysitting for a “Parent’s Night Out” for a very reasonable fee. At first I didn’t think Diana was serious about going out: She’s so pregnant it takes her three days to get out of a chair and I was walking like Frankenstein. And besides that, nights out have become a  completely foreign concept to us. We had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Cafe Lago (makers of the only lasagna I’ve had in my life that qualifies as exquisite……the fluffy, delicate pasta is hand-rolled in the morning and melts in your mouth). It felt good to eat out without the scent of crayons mixed in with that of our food. Afterward, we went for a short walk in the neighborhood.

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