aloha from the okolehao trail

In case you’re wondering why I’m posting Hawaii pictures seemingly out of the blue: A couple days ago a friend of mine told me she was on the verge of making plans to return to the islands (she visited a couple years ago and was smitten). I promised her if she finalized her arrangements I’d share Hawaii pictures on my blog for two straight weeks, hahaha! Of course, my blog is so inconsistent I could never fulfill a promise like that. Still, I’m glad to say she’s going after all (Molokai) and it’s good to have a reason for at least a few days while my attention span is there, to put some of my old pictures up. In fact, this afternoon I downloaded yet another memory card with Hawaii pictures on it (this was the absolute last one not including pictures buried somewhere on Diana’s camera).

I took this picture of an aloha sign while I was hiking on the muddy Okolehao trail one night. That’s the little north shore town of Hanalei, below. Diana and Adam were down there having all sorts of fun, they had dropped me off at the trailhead earlier in the evening and I would rendezvous with them later. Not much further beyond Hanalei, the island’s perimeter road ends and the Na Pali Coast begins. You can make out the mountains rising steeply from the shore. That’s where the Kalalau trail begins!

Adam stayed home from school yesterday and today with a barf/diarrhea bug, but he’s feeling a lot better tonight. The past two days, I’ve let him watch more movies than he ever has before in his life! Our system is that he gets to watch multiple movies, but in between we read 2-3 books.

Speaking of movies, I finally got my hands on the first couple episodes of Game of Thrones! Yee-haw! For the past 3 or 4 months at our video store, every single episode has always been available except….for the first two. I’ve waited patiently and now my moment of triumph has arrived. Mr. Chippy Video Store Clerk was working today and inexplicably still flipped me attitude (for no apparent reason other than I was born into this world) when I told him how excited I was to finally have the first disc of Game of Thrones in my hands. If I’d had a football in the video store, I would’ve whipped out my Sharpie, signed the ball and spiked it and done the lawn sprinkler dance. Hopefully Game of Thrones won’t disappoint.

2 thoughts on “aloha from the okolehao trail

  1. Game of Thrones is AWESOME. You’re going to love it. I may have a few episodes digitally that I could send you, I’ll have to check.

    I would like you to post photos of Grand Marais for a week straight, please. We didn’t make it there this time.

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