breakfast on the back porch

Adam, grandma and I shared breakfast on the porch. Lucy, too.  It was a busy day. Adam and grandma were basically at the zoo all day long. I dropped them off in the morning and promised I’d pick them up in a few hours. I rented a junker pick-up truck from Handy Andy and got two cubic yards of Super Garden Magic Dirt from Pacific Topsoils for the new raised bed in our backyard. Two cubic yards doesn’t sound like a lot but I slaved for hours shoveling it out of the pick-up and wheelbarrowing it to the back of the house.

Thank God I had the foresight to give Grandma my iphone. I called her a few times to let her know how much damn dirt I still had to shovel out of the truck, she assured me her and Adam were fine. At least they took a lunch with them. I finally picked them up in the mid-afternoon. I was beat and so were they.

The morning paper….

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