a rock shelter high in the North Cascades

I had to post something, tonight. Oliver has been doing pretty good except he’s been extremely gassy the past couple overnights. There are few things that’ll test your mental stamina like a baby at 2 AM who is mad because he can’t fart. And then when he can fart: It’s like being in the eye of a hurricane. Because you know that one little toot isn’t going to solve the maelstrom.  The other side of the storm is going to be so much worse. I’ve ordered Diana to go on a starvation diet until she figures out what it is she’s eating that is being transferred into her breastmilk and causing such calamity.  Apples, maybe?

This view is of where the fire lookout used to be on Stiletto Peak, a pretty neat high point in the North Cascades that I did last summer. This is a sort of northerly west view. You can see Black Peak in the distance. And if you’ve ever hiked up above Lake Ann to Maple Pass, you’ll have fun using your imagination here.

All of the sudden, it seems like the Cascades are melting out super-fast, all over. Oh, there are still a lot of good places with deep snow (like, most of the hikes on my list for this summer).  But the recent news of various high country locales opening up is music to my ears.

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