north cascades national park

I passed the national park boundary en route to the summit of Stiletto Peak.

Adam was a real sweetheart tonight, he could tell I was dazed after trying to calm Oliver Fern down (the best I could figure, Oliver was overtired and couldn’t figure out how he wanted to fall asleep). Diana had been away from the house for about an hour, she got back and a little milk solved the crying problem. Man, how deflating for me. I can’t wait until we introduce him to the bottle for a little flexibility  (the new tops for our old bottles arrive tomorrow). Then I won’t feel like such a sitting duck in that situation. It’s hard for Diana to be gone from home too long when she knows Oliver could turn into a milk ninja at any time!

Anyway, Adam was worried about me when he and Diana got home. A few different times he wanted to give me hugs and tell me he loved me. I was so touched by his empathy. I’m really proud that he’s not quite five years old and yet he has that kind of empathic perception. He’s a special boy.

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