glacier lilies in tatoosh wilderness

There was one tiny little patch of glacier lilies on Tatoosh Ridge, that I saw (at the junction where the trail splits off to the lakes, which require a short climb and then downward trail-finding through rocks). The little green shoots were a striking contrast to the muddy brown soggy ground that surrounded them. Although I associate them with early summer, spotting glacier lilies depends mainly on where you’re traveling in the mountains of the Cascades and Olympics. I’m a lowly, shuffling plodder afraid of heights, so naturally I see most of mine early. At higher elevations where summer scarcely visits, you can find these in August. Glacier lilies are occasionally referred to as yellow avalanche lilies, snowlilies, lambstongue and dogtooth violets. I’ve never heard anyone refer to glacier lilies as anything but glacier lilies.

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