floating on skyline divide wildflowers and doing the polka like a drunk bumble bee

This old picture is a reminisce for a friend of mine who asked me this morning if I’ve ever hiked on Skyline Divide (Mt. Baker). I went there one day with Diana and my brother Eric and we had a leisurely jaunt up high closer and closer toward Mt. Baker and we found a lovely rock-and-heather bench where we ate chocolate chip cookies and strawberries and admired flowers and got drunk on their incense. We stayed for alpenglow and I think each one of us had individual “oh shit you’ve gotta be kidding me!” moments when evening started to fall away and mosquitoes began biting so fast and furiously we were like polka dancers with fire ants in their underwear. Anyway, it was a fun hike and alpenglow was amazing…… but the bloodsuckers came into town and showed us who was sheriff (and there were a lot of sheriffs). We hiked down by headlamp when the light was gone.

No hiking for Adam and I, this weekend. Thursday and Friday were such scorching hot days I could care less about doing anything more strenuous than dishing up a humongous bowl of ice cream. And that’s basically all I did this weekend: Eat ice cream, eat ice cream, eat ice cream…..

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