the water’s fine in mirror lake

That’s Shiver Rock you see out in the water. I wanted to make Adam proud of me, so against my better judgment I went out there. It was invigorating! I love swimming even though I’m buoyancy-challenged and it was a rush to be in the cold mountain water floating over the deceptive shallows and deeps (I’m 6’2″ and found a couple places on the way to the rock over my head). Shiver Rock was kind of slimy and steeper than I imagined, it defeated my best efforts to climb onto much to Adam’s great entertainment and delight. Matters were made worse by a humongous horsefly I could hear even though I wasn’t wearing my hearing aid. I punctured my pointer finger and several of my toes on really sharp rocks over here in the shallows, dang it all!

Here’s Adam on the big log he ate lunch on. Before he headed out there, we spotted a newt.

As I was saying, this end of the lake is marshy-looking, which could throw you off. Mirror is a nice mountain lake. Keep in mind, this is the very shallowest side, as far as I could tell from our limited exploration…..

A sample of the Pacific Crest Trail along the east shore of Mirror Lake:

These reminded me of the annoyingly popular marshmallow candy everyone likes to eat each Spring. I forget what they’re called, which I’m glad for…..

The pretty blue-green waters of Mirror Lake (this is the Pacific Crest Trail, too)…..

A trail marker for the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail…..

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