grand theatre crevasse

I often struggle with the tendency of certain modern day weekend warriors to deify the natural world, to turn it into their religion or life force. To lay down prostrate at the altar of the whisperlite stove and the latest synthetic fabric and check off this place and that place while dashing around in trail runners like chickens with their heads cut off. So bear with me, try not to get me wrong: Without a doubt, this utterly has to be one of the great mountain faces of North America. We live over 90 miles away over hills and water and lots of depressing stuff in between like Renton but on some days I can look out my bedroom window and trace the towering cliffs of rock and ice and it blows my feeble mind and I’m so happy to live here……

You can literally see the bulging north face of the mountain casting it’s own shadow above while the lower slopes are in the sun……

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