doing the puyallup

We did the Puyallup, today. That’s pidgin for my feet are muthereffing killing me! We were there for seven hours with a baby (two months) and five year old. But in all seriousness, we had fun.  It was a warm and hazy day and in my blue jeans I felt like a firefighter lugging a hundred pound aqua lung up 30 flights of stairs but seeing Adam have so much fun made up for it.

Probably the only thing we missed out on was stuffing our face with fatty fair food and that will change next year. If I’d eaten whatever I wanted today my feet wouldn’t be so sore. It takes time to perfect the art of fairgoing, it’s true. At any rate, we saw lots of animals. Rode tons of rides. And the rednecks…..weekday mornings (except for Fridays) are like Redneckcon. Bad shoulder and neck tattoos, blue jean shorts riding higher than I ever thought they could, dudes with NFL tattoos…’s all there!

This is one of my favorite fair pictures. I ended up not having any time to really shutterbug which is a shame because the fair is a literal bonanza. But I’ll never forget the night I took my camera on the maypole and Adam went drifting into air in front of me with a big smile on his face. Uh, at least you get to see one of his cheeks bulging here. I had my D50 wrapped around my shoulder and took a bunch of pictures blind. I was scared out of my wits about going on this ride- I tried to get Adam’s permission to just watch but I knew there was no way out since Diana had already gone on it with him earlier in the day. And then the group in front of us had their ride cut short because an idiot kid swung himself side-to-side and got his swing turned backwards and that didn’t do a lot for my nerves. I made it a point to make friends with the gangster Tacoma kids behind us, if I could make myself seem like a cool-dude father figure…..

The maypole wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be but I was still scared. This picture makes it look tamer than it really was….I swear, we were at least five stories high. It was fun screaming my head off with Adam. A fitting end to our day- and then we staggered off in search of Diana at the Gold Gate where we found her nursing Oliver while she watched the Hula Hoop guy give a performance for a small, somewhat unattentive crowd.

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