Fly High, Fly Low

Set in San Francisco, Fly High Fly Low by the prolific Don Freeman (perhaps known by most parents for Corduroy which frankly I’ve never cared that much for) was one of my favorite books to read with Adam for a year or two. What made this book extra special is we found it at City Lights in San Francisco, we always load up with an armful of books from there on each and every visit, any self-respecting visitor should.

Sid and Midge the pigeons are the two main characters of Fly High Fly Low, as you probably just realized my picture from Gas Works Park last night was the lead-in for tonight’s post.

Fly High Fly Low kick-starts the children’s book reading list I’ve been wanting to start for a long time. Ordinarily I try to stay away from Casey Kasem top ten-type lists so I feel like a bit of a nerd doing this but I admit it’s something I’ve been excited about. Hopefully my unscientific chart will give someone somewhere inspiration or provide a satisfying flashback. For the past few years, books have been my path to survival. No matter what failure I’ve felt at times as a parent or how oppressively the spectre of social isolation invaded my spirit during the certain winters of toddlerdom, I could always escape with Adam between the pages of countless stories and tales. Reading is the single one thing I’m good at with Adam, I love being an actor and transporting us into other worlds. I’ve always reveled in the nuance of diction, I can repeat Adam’s favorite stories over and over because I never feel like I can’t make a story better the way I read it.

At any rate, Adam and I’ve spent hundreds of hours huddled on the sofa traveling everywhere from Cape Horn to New York City to the banks of the Yangtze River. To not turn this completely into my personal Reading Rainbow, in closing let me just point out that I won’t always go into great detail about books on the list unless they get up near the top or bottom and offer something I feel is particularly groundbreaking or interesting (good interesting and bad interesting).

Taking the current top spot in the Tyrannosaurus Fir Reading List:

1. Fly High Fly Low

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