on walking in the Japanese Garden on a sunny day when the maples leaves are starting to turn red

Diana, Oliver and I went for a walk in the Japanese Garden on this brilliant, sunny morning. The Garden was quiet, there were only a few other visitors. A handful of the maples are turning orange and red but there’s still a little time before the climax. Frankly, I prefer windy, rainy days for my visits in autumn for the feng shui of the fallen leaf. The garden crew was in full force and all the leaves were raked, which was a disappointment. I’ve learned a lot in chatting with the gardeners over the years but it grates on me when I see them coming down the path in their rubber boots and gray buckets to tidy.

We walked home via Madison. The new artificial turf has been installed on Washington Park Play field and now it’s scattered with complicated-looking machines that look like a cross between a construction generator and industrial vacuum cleaner. Woebegone the grass stains and mud puddles. I’ll miss the clouds of dust rising like fog above the light standards….

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