the neptune theatre

I finally saw my first concert at the University District’s Neptune last night. The Neptune was converted from a movie theatre almost a year ago (the last movie I saw there was The Royal Tenenbaums) to a live arts venue operated by the Seattle Theatre Group (a nonprofit that runs the Paramount and Moore Theatres in downtown). There’ve been plenty of good shows the past year but the timing hasn’t ever been right (kids….they mess everything up). I was excited about last night’s bill, which included Sera Cahoone (she’s got a new album out) and Grand Archives (they’re one of my favorite local bands). I hopped on the 43 and rode down the hill and across the Montlake Bridge and got off at 15th and was inside with time enough to listen to a couple songs by the bill before Grand Archives.

I was happy for the chance to see Grand Archives since I missed them at the Capitol Hill Block Party in July, when they played in the basement at Neumos. For awhile I was highly anticipating a third album from them, but it seems like they’ve been playing several of their “new” songs (a couple very good ones, I might add) for the past year and a half. I have a feeling Mat Brooke has been busy with the opening of his new restaurant, The Oak, on Beacon Hill. They still sounded great, though. A Way Around is fast becoming my favorite song of theirs, the live version is faster but still taut and zingy.

I didn’t intend to stay for the end of the show because of my screaming old man feet but Sera Cahoone was too good to leave.  She had a great band, including amazing guitarist Jeff Fielder. I moved to his side of the stage toward the end of the show just to focus on him for awhile: Some pretty sweet playing!

This is Cahoone performing a solo to open her set……

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