and so it begins with the revving of a chainsaw and the shampoo monster…..

I’m back on tiny baby duty! Diana’s maternity leave ended yesterday. Sheesh, I really never knew four months could go by so fast. This afternoon just after I got Oliver asleep after keeping us out-and-about a little too long (we walked down to the Japanese Garden to see how many leaves fell down in the rain yesterday) the neighbor decided to start revving his chainsaw. The nap lasted a sad (for me) mere twenty minutes. Oliver, however, woke up smiling. Yep-sireee! The fun times they are a-back!

Oliver and I picked Adam up from school. This was a rainbow over the valley when we got home (you can see a second very faded rainbow to the right). The other end of the rainbow was to the north smack dab in the middle of Union Bay (no doubt a leprechaun was there cursing, bobbing around in his life raft while fumbling with his depth finder in an attempt to locate his chest of gold).

Oh boy, was it ever a tad hectic when we got home! There’s a breakout of pinkeye at Adam’s school so I decided to give him a hot bath as soon as we got home, as a sort of precaution. It was still just the three of us so I wore Oliver in the Baby Bjorn while doing my best to shampoo Adam’s hair and not bang Oliver into the tub- but Oliver freaked out something crazy when he saw Adam. Apparently he thought Adam was the shampoo monster. And then Adam tried to calm Oliver by rinsing the shampoo out of his hair but he got shampoo in his eyes and wasn’t a happy camper……

At any rate, as you can see Madison Valley is very pretty right now. I don’t know whether to consider the Japanese Garden at the peak of color, or a little declining. I’m going to take Oliver and Adam down again on Sunday.

One thought on “and so it begins with the revving of a chainsaw and the shampoo monster…..

  1. So how was the Japanese Garden yesterday? I bet it’s gorgeous there right now! All of our leaves are gone, Hurricane Sandy took care of that. At least the condo people are responsible for raking!

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